Dark Goya

I have not the answers to the question of the hammer-smashed, chainsaw-shredded, and C4-blasted heart pertaining to what kind of evil person would put the picture of some actress on the wrapper of an already perfectly good chocolate.

Before and After Dec 21 2012. Courtesy of KRAMmed

After taking all that crap from the big screen shift of The Last Airbender, I get a payload one day while taking a stroll around the supermarket looking for chocolate–yes,¬†there’s more¬†wordiness where that came from. I find one of my favorite brands of the bitter sweet delight vandalized by the face and signature of some celebrity I’m not a fan of.

First thing’s first: I do not have any problem with these mass media-produced personalities as long as I don’t have to see them while I eat. This kind of low-blow advertising should keep itself attached to hair products, facial cleansers or whiteners, or soaps–pardon the stereotyping but that’s just reality. I just can’t eat shampoo. It’s not that I’m trying to protest the candy maker’s advertising tactics. But my brain is against every unethical allegory one can think of while eating the chocolate bar. The main ingredient itself is enough aphrodisiac. Why ruin that? That’s like putting sprinkles on good ice cream! Didn’t they listen to Numbuh 5 of Sector V?

Kidz Next Door aside, somebody ought to tell Goya to stop this madness.To make matters worse, I heard that lady in the picture just got her heart broken by some jerkass. Now what’ll her fans do, eat chocolate while crying?